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Goofball performed at my son’s school (performing for hundreds of children for a school assembly) and enjoyed him so much that he wanted him at his birthday party. He was thrilled when Goofball arrived at our home for his special day. All of the kids loved the magic show and the adults enjoyed it too. The kids ages ranged from 1-12 and they all were laughing and watching. I can’t say enough good things about him-my son still talks about having Goofball at his party- its like having a celebrity in your home!

Jecina N.


Goofball is definitely a must for any children’s parties I plan from now on. I didn’t think much of it at the beginning because how good can a kid’s birthday party entertainer be? But when Goofball started, he just took over. The kids were possessed when he started his act. Even the shyest kids were going crazy. And at the end, the kids just swarmed him and wouldn’t let him go. All the kids were screaming at the top of their lungs from beginning to end. I did not expect the show to be that great. Goofball’s really great with kids. He really gets down to their level. Not only are his jokes easy to understand and entertaining for kids but even the adults standing in the back were being entertained. He’s got a lot of high-quality props including the backdrop for the stage, his costume, his magic props and ventriloquism puppets. Goofball is a kids’ clown, magician, balloon artist, all wrapped up in one. It’s really a well planned and from the looks of the props and the “Goofball mobile”, a well funded show. I was very impressed with the sheer amount of stuff he had. I’m sure it must have cost a lot just for the stuff. I’ve actually seen entertainers at other functions but Goofball’s caliber is definitely on a different level. Other kids’ entertainers that I’ve seen are just pretty “blah,” from their props to their energy. And the balloons that he does, that is a show in and of itself. Definitely go for the full package and include the balloons at the end. Every kid got a balloon to take home and they were all so happy. It’s really nice to see so many kids happy. The only warning is that if you have Goofball, you really do need to control your kids because your kids will swarm him. I actually felt bad for Goofball afterwards. Had we not stepped in, the kids would’ve eaten him alive.

Brian B.


I went to two parties where Goofball was invited. I must say, generally, I’m afraid of clowns, but this guy was a crack up. He can easily entertain both children and adults. His balloon creations amaze me and so do his card tricks. I still can’t figure out those tricks. He was able to keep a conversation during a magic show with a four year old but was also able to get laughs from all of the adults. Very entertaining guy.

Stacey C.


Goofball juggling at kids magic show

We invited Goofball to our church. He and his assistant arrived early to set up. We had a big crowd of maybe 50 people — from preschoolers to fifth graders. We, parents, were also there of course. Though we had a wide range of ages, Goofball made every single of us laugh non-stop. There was no dead time at all We would definitely ask him to come back again!

Tina L.


I invited Goofball, the magician, to entertain the kids, since I had heard some amazing things about him through a friend of mine. This was one of the best decisions I had ever made . Goofball was a hit! He was funny and presented himself on time and in a very wholesome manner. I knew there was something special about him . Goofball kept them entertained, giggling and smiling for a solid 4 hours . It was great because we just needed a sideshow to keep the kids happy , and Goofball made everything work perfectly. On a professional level Goofball was very open to making himself flexible to my schedule and accommodating my needs. His entire act has been practiced over and over and I trust his character and interactions with my friends. This is especially important to me. Goofball came as recommendations from two of my best friends, and so I knew he was worth inviting. Lastly, I have to say, his outfit is ridiculously unique . He is the only Asian American entertainer that has the guts to place himself in such an effective costume . It hits home for kids that are attention seekers and that have other outlets (i.e. iphones, ipads…) that always seem to interest kids these days. Having Goofball part of my venue was a refreshing reminder that good old-fashioned silliness is still needed to balance out our media hungry society . With all the balloon art, magic show, magic acts and ventriloquist acts, who would be a better guy to hire? Goofball is very gentle and great with kids!

Jonathan H.


As a clown and kids’ magician, Goofball really knows how to make people laugh! I saw him perform a magic show and I think I laughed harder than some of the kids. He was definitely an instantaneous hit. He captured everyone in the audience’s attention with his magic tricks as well as his persona, and even when some kids got a little over enthusiastic, he was able to artfully bring the situation back under control, which I thought was an amazing skill. You can tell he truly enjoys what he does and has a passion for bringing laughter to people. I look forward to seeing his performance at another function in the near future!

Nancy L.


I was hesitant to hire anyone for my 4 year old’s birthday since the guests, age 3-4, are a little unpredictable and have very little attention span. Goofball did a great job of keeping the kids (and adults) entertained. My son is still saying “Gooooo Goofball.

Chandra B.


Goof Ball was great at our son’s 5 year old birthday party! All the kids gathered on the floor, forming a half circle around Goof Ball. The 40 mins show was very entertaining, the kids were jumping up from the floor to eagerly participate in his show. They were all very excited to answer his questions and glad to see how much all the kids interact with Goof Ball. The adults were laughing along and a couple of adults even got used as props in his skits. The child floating in air illusion was cool. After the show, Goof Ball stayed well after the contract time to make sure all the kids got a balloon. Thanks for making my son feel so special on his 5th birthday.

Albert C.


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Goofball did a show at my daughters 4th birthday party. In addition to the 30 minute show for the kids, he also wandered around the party doing close up magic. I really like close up magic, and he was great with the card tricks and sleight of hand. For the show, he played to his 4 year old audience and was a lot more goofball-y, which the kids loved. Some magic of course, but also lots of goofing around and letting the kids feel smart, which they loved. He came early, stayed late to pack up and made sure to say goodbye to the birthday girls before leaving. I’d definitely recommend him to others.

Jeremy L.


Goofball is constantly updating his craft, I hope to run into him at more weddings! If not, I may have to start crashing kids parties 😛

Lusi F.


Goofball is great with kids as well as adults. He has a natural charm and humor to him which makes him so personable. He can transform your party into the most awesome time ever! I’ve seen him do ventriloquism and he does a great job. Aside from ventriloquism, Goofball also does awesome balloon animals. Let me tell you, the kids will go nuts! So for your next party, don’t forget to book Goofball. You won’t regret it. It’ll be something you and your loved ones will be GoofBallreminiscing about for a long time!

Jenna T.