Goofball - Houston Magician

Does Goofball Do Balloon Art? You bet!

Goofball Animal Balloons - Dog

Dallas balloon artist, Goofball, will make a lasting impression on your guests as he creates the cutest and most adorable balloon art you’ve ever seen.

With a few twists and twirls, you’ll witness how he changes ordinary balloons into beautiful works of art.

He is also highly sought-after for his balloon skills.

Having trained under some of the top balloon twisters in the world, Goofball is able to create the perfect creations for your guests. Ranging from animals and jewelry to giant sculptures, Goofball does it all.

Goofball, the balloon twister, is always striving to improve his craft. He loves spending time watching kid’s cartoons and trying to recreate what he sees.

His favorite cartoons include Toy Story, Shrek, and Kung Fu Panda. He often uses this “getting-ideas” excuse so that he can watch more cartoons.

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