Goofball - Houston Magician

Your Entertainment Questions Answered!

1. Where can Goofball perform?

Goofball can travel anywhere in Dallas and beyond. If your event is really far away, please provide a spaceship.

2. How early should I book Goofball?
As early as possible. Goofball is often booked months in advance, but even if your event is last second it doesn’t hurt to contact him just in case he has availability.
3. How much is Goofball's entertainment?

If you live in a house like the one below, you can be sure that Goofball will be charging you triple what he normally charges.


After all, you’re rich, so he needs to relieve you from the weight of all those Benjamin Franklins in your wallet. Just kidding! Prices vary based on the party package selected. Each show will help him finance Goofballland, his dream theme park. Oh yeah, he also needs to feed his puppets. They eat a lot!

4. Does Goofball match prices with other entertainers?
Yes! If you find someone who charges more for the same service, Goofball will match that price!
5. How do I convince my sweetheart or boss to book Goofball?
Here are some bargaining tips:

Him to Her

“If Little Johnny gets Goofball for the party we won’t have to take him to Disneyland this year. Think about what we can get you with the savings!”

Her to Him

“Do you know how disappointed Little Suzy would be if we didn’t get Goofball? She might plummet into depression. You wouldn’t want that, would you?”

You to Your Boss

“It’s a lot cheaper than hiring Tony Robbins to boost morale.”

6. Are there other ways to pay for Goofball's services?
In lieu of U.S. dollars Goofball is willing to accept gold, any foreign currency that is doing well against the dollar (which pretty much means all foreign currency), expensive jewelry, movie collectibles (i.e. Back to the Future’s DeLorean car, Darth Vader’s lightsaber, Indiana Jones’ hat, the ring from The Lord of the Ringsā€¦), gift certificates to restaurant/stores/services, a map to a pirate treasure chest or some water from the Fountain of Youth.


Goofball’s Dream Car

7. Does Goofball carry insurance?
Absolutely! Goofball is insured for $1,000,000. Not that he has ever needed to file a claim, but just in case he accidentally pushes over that crystal flower vase you can rest assured that you’re covered. Gosh, for $1,000,000 he can break several of your vases, dent your red Ferrari, chip your swimming pool, lose your ring, crack your iPad, drop your iPhone, knock over your HDTV, spill red Kool-Aid all over your beautiful carpet, and still have a significant amount of coverage left to do more damage. Don’t worry, Goofball is covered and so are you!


8. Does Goofball babysit?
Yes, but it ain’t cheap!
9. Can I pick up magic books or balloons from Goofball's house to save on shipping?
Sorry, Goofball doesn’t want creepy people hanging outside of his house.
10. How much does Goofball's show cost him?
Goofball has not cut any corners in order to bring you top notched entertainment. He has spent tens of thousands of $$$ for props, lessons, and coaching from the best ventriloquists, comedy schools, acting schools, magicians, and consultants. Goofball has flown to Las Vegas dozens of times to watch show after show to learn showmanship. He has attended countless conventions to pick the brain of the top entertainers. This is a huge sacrifice in time and sleepless nights. Goofball has skipped meals, sold things on eBay, and even borrowed money to be the best entertainer he can possibly be. All this to say that his show cost him a lot!
11. Can you help me justify spending so much on entertainment?
The question really is “How much you love your Little Johnny or Little Suzy?” If you have mad love for them, then prove it! Don’t cut corners on entertainment. Get the best! Don’t be penny-wise and pound foolish. This is one of the best investments in disposable income you’ll ever make. Your kids and guests will thank you profusely for a belly-aching funny time! Can’t put a price tag on good memories!
12. Can we take pictures or videos of Goofball's show?
Yeah, totally! Goofball is not afraid of others copying his act. He is often imitated, but never duplicated. There has never been an entertainer quite like Goofball.
13. Should I tip Goofball after the show?
Tipping is appreciated. If you want to help Goofball feed his starving kids, anything extra is appreciated. Or you can give him something to sell on eBay.
14. What is the cancellation policy?
Your payment is fully refundable as long as Goofball is able to book another event to replace yours. The reason for this is that Goofball has turned down several clients in order to hold your spot, and it is difficult to find another client on such short notice.
15. Does Goofball have referrals for other kinds of entertainers?
Absolutely! Goofball has various entertainer friends he can refer you to.
16. Does Goofball`s propeller hat make him fly?
There’s only one way to know for sure. Book his show to find out!
17. What is the funniest comic strip ever?
18. What's Goofball's dream?
Goofball has already accomplished some of his dreams including creating the Goofball Mobile and producing the best comedy magic show in town! His next dream is to build Goofballland, an amusement park more magical than Disneyland. It’ll have the most spectacular and unusual rides and attractions you can imagine. Your patronage makes this one step closer to reality.